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1.Sightseeing programs

We can offer countless different themed sightseeing tours for children, youth, adults, and the elders aswell, with varied tour routes.

Under this heading, we are offering the sightseeing themed tours, which are especially focusing on the spectacles of the city, and presenting it from the perspective of our history. Of course the tours spiced a little with stories which you can’t read in the books. •You want something more than the avarage, commercial and general tours? Come with us! Our tours are exciting, original, and considering the mood, it is absolutely different from the other companies offers. Our tour leading guides are locals, who all eager to help you to see and experience the city with the perspective of a real local resident 

Here’s a preview, from what tour routes you can pick, but all of our tours are personalized, so it means there are no restricted route plan. We can change the route anytime depending on what you would like!

Electric rickshawsLisen to musicUnique program Be cool
Urban tourismGastronomic tours Shoping tours
Our offer is available from 30 to 240 minutes from € 25
2.City from different aspect

You have already seen every „must have seen” spectacles and tourist spots in Budapest, but you are still feeling that you missed something? You are at the perfect place! In these tours we are leaving behind the main touristical areas, and let you see the city itself. Please contact us, if you feel, that you want to see more from Budapest, than with an avarage sightseeing tour.

During our tour you will see the streets and buildings where the average local residents lives You can get acquainted with our habits, our daily life. Don’t be afraid, ask anything from us, we will answer. You can talk with us in any topic. You will have a really exciting time with us! Our program is available day and night!

Lisen to musicUnique program Be coolBestseller
Our offer is available from 30 to 240 minutes from € 25
3.Group activities

You are a group of 10, 20, maybe 100 persons? Cool! Nothing is more funnier, than a convoy of 5-10-30 extravagant rickshaw rolling through the main spots of Budapest, while the music plays in the background! Take it easy, or talk about the usual everydays, the history of the city or the country itself? Everything is depends from you, we are open to everything! From the presentation of the main tourist spots towards the pub crawls, we can organize any style themed tours!

Get in touch with us, and tell us your needs, so we can personalize the program! Lets do something special!

Electric rickshawsDelivery oppurtinityUrban tourismGastronomic tours
For groupsCorporate events For all agesFlexible route planning
Our offer is available from 30 to 240 minutes from € 25
4.Romantic tours

One of our most entertaining tour. With light and calming background music, spiced with a bottle of wine, rolling on the riverside in the sunset, where we can see the fascinating view of the Buda side. Enjoy each others company, the beautiful view, and just relax. At some spots we are stop, drink a little wine, while we talk a little about the city. The tour is an exelent teaser for a romantic dinner. And why not? Let’s discuss about what kind of restaurant you would like, and trust our suggestions, you will not regret it! We offer this tour both for younger and elder customers aswell.

Sounds good? Do not hesitate, contact us!

Bring your drinks!Lisen to musicGive it for gift!You'll love
Our offer is available from 30 to 240 minutes from € 25
5.Gastronomical tours

For the lovers of culinary delights, whether it's food, drink, street food, or even the most famous restaurants. Our tours and routes are completely personalized by your demands and needs!

Just some examples: shopping in the local markets, taste the famous hungarian dish the „lángos”, eating street foods in local chop houses, food bars and at buthcers. We will provide you information and help whether it is about the place, foods or styles, or even in the reservation, and if you want, we can pick you u pin the city, to take you to the restaurant. Everything is depends on you, we don’t know the word „impossible”!

Electric rickshawsUrban tourismGastronomic tours For all ages
Flexible route planning
Our offer is available from 30 to 240 minutes from € 25
6.Bachelor, bachelorette parties

With 20 drunk brittish? Why not? Let’s see, who’s the stronger! You will see, we can stand the trial! In every year, there are dozens of groups visiting Budapest to have a good time and to party in the city, maybe tha is why this is our most popular tour. Rent multiple vechicles and roll trough the streets while the music plays in the background. Or you just want to go to another club? Le tus know! We can organise a party for you! The excellent mood is guaranteed!

Pick the program that fit for your needs, or tell us your ideas! For us it is doesn’t matter, we will help you whether it is about organising, or suggestions. Do not forget to take the booze with you!

A good advise: lets go at the end to a stripp club, and save your costs! Details at the next point!

Bring your drinks!Foto & videoLisen to musicCheers
Over 18Let's go to the night!Give it for gift!
Our offer is available from 30 to 240 minutes from € 25
7.Striptease club tours

This is one of our most popular free tours! You need to pay only for the entry fee, which is 10.000 HUF/person. Fort hat price you can drink without limits for 2 hours in the club, while enjoying the most beautiful and sexiest girls shows, whether it’s a table or private dance. The transfer is payed by the club! During this tour, we pick you up at the address what you give to us, and take you directly to the club. The tour is approximately takes 15 minutes, but there is a possibility to enlong the trip, of course it costs extra charge. The rickshaw have 3 person capacity. On the way to the club the party is already starting, with music and a lot of fun! Please pay attention, to take only that amount of alcoholic beverage with you, what you can drink during the tour, because you cannot take it into the club with yourself! We are guarantee that we take you only in reliable and trustworthy, and not blacklisted club!

Bring your drinks!Foto & videoLisen to musicOver 18
Let's go to the night!Give it for gift!
Our offer is available from 30 to 240 minutes from € 25
8.Parties, ruin pub tours

We are understand that, it is a hard situation… Budapest is one of the most popular place for the partiing youth… And why? Because it have a huge offer of bars, clubs, nightclubs, discos and strip clubs… Alright, but which you should choose? What style, genre are you like? Cheaper – more expensive, outdoor or indoor, only drinks or food aswell? Trust us, everybody have the same questions. At this point a help of a local face is comes handy. We roll you around in the party district, presenting you the clubs and bars, and give personalized suggestions depending on your needs.

Time is money! Spare your time with us! It’s worth it, if you need an immidiate help! You can come even at the afternoon, to explore the opportunities, or start the night with us, bring some booze, we definitely create the party mood for you! You get bored with a club, and would like to visit another one? Just call us back, we are at your service all night long, or even all week long! You will see, we will be really good friends! Get in touch!

Bring your drinks!Foto & videoLisen to musicOver 18
Let's go to the night!Give it for gift!
Our offer is available from 30 to 240 minutes from € 25

Genaral informations

1.   All of our rikshaw is completely electric and suitable for music playback VAGY equipped with audio system.
2. Our tours are available in 30-60-90-120 minutes durations, but by demand we are at your service for all day or night long!
3. In case of a 30 minutes tour the standard price is 8.000 HUF, and 15.000 HUF for 1 hour. Please, always ask an offer before the tour, because the prices may differ. There are many factors that can change the final pricing agreement. Of course (ez sztem nem kell bele) Our prices are meant for one vechicle not for one person, and includes the VAT. If you need a VAT invoice, please tell us in advance!
4. One vechicle have 3 persons capacity.
5.   You can rent multiple rickshaws up to 30 vechicles at the same time. In any other case we can split the groups. (Our rickshaw icon is needed a little customization, 2-3 should be in each others coverage for example :D )
6. In the area of the downtown ( in the V., VI., VII. districts) we will pick you up at your accomodation. Consultation by telephone is neccesary to arrange the details.
7. Our services are available at day and night. In certain cases you can even call us at night time if you are guided by some spontaneous idea.
8. We recommend our tours equally for children, youth, adults and elders aswell.
9. It is also recommended for disabled people.
10.   During the trip we can take photographs and videos.
11.   Food and drink is allowed on the vechicles.
12. Admirers of the bosom! In case if you think after one of our tours (bachelor or birthday party etc.) your place is in a striptease bar, than this special offer is definitely created for you!The least 30 minutes of the tour is free, because the transfer is payed by the club, and if you need only a ride to get to the club, we will take you there directly. If the trip is within 15 min, than it has no fees! For more details call our hotline!
13.   Before every trip we measure your needs, to perfectly personalize and customize the route for you. Remember, you can change the route at ANY time and we can stop anywhere if you want! We are absolutely flexible!
14.   For events, team building programs and promotional services you can read more HERE!
15.   In case of bigger events, we transport our vechicles to the spot.
16.   You will definitely have some questions... we are already waiting you! Please get in touch through one of our contact details.

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After the bridge’s entrance/ 200 m from the traffic circle/ right side Between the Champ’s Garden and the Hippie Island… you will see us for sure! You can come at anytime! Pick up or put down the bikes! Eat or drink something and hang out a bit in the garden!

DOWNTOWN STORE (party district or Jewish quater)

1075, Síp utca 20.
(2 minutes from the Great Synagogue) Important to known! This is the address of our store, and we are delivering the bicycles mostly from here. So maybe sometimes there are no staff at this locations. Please contact us by phone, if you would like to pick the bycicles from here.




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